Jean-Marie Bottequin

Welcome to the AfP Academy for personality training and Jean-Marie Albert Bottequin

Who are we

We develop personality!
We are specialists in the development of unique personality!
We train people to succeed and support you completely in your personality growth. Our seminars create foundations to develop the path to achieving your goals and stages successfully.

Make an impression with your expression!

The AfP Academy for personality development and Jean-Marie Albert Bottequin offer further education in personality and character presentation.

We train personality.

Our offer- unique and individual

  • Training in body expression for businesses.
  • Foundation course, school of body language in Munich.
  • Retoric seminars
  • Speaker• Power and impromptu presentations.
  • Personality consultation and individual training.
  • Competence coaching for individuals and company training.
  • Positive Family therapy and partner consultation.
  • Business theater, “Stop and Act”
  • Personal Corporate Design: personal coaching in body expression.
    Business portraits or video for speakers, TV and Press appearences.

Your profit – Success through the leightness of being

  • Learning and strengthing your intuition
  • Clear recognition and definition of objectives
  • More independent and certain in representation through clear body language
  • The power of persuasiveness and authenticity in personal appearences

Recognizing and using your hidden potential

Individual Coaching

You wish to change? You would like to move away from set patterns? You would like to improve yourself professionally and privately?

We are happy to accompany you at your request with:

  • Your new professional demands
  • Your wish to change your behaviour
  • Your social conflicts
  • Your wish for new orientation
  • Your organisational changes
  • Your experience with a dissapointment or failure
  • Your career planning
  • Your personal situation with your strengths

Video Elevator Pitch Training


Face & Body Reading

  • Learn how to read faces!
  • Recruitment and replacing staff involves great expenditure.
    Even more expensive is appointing the wrong personnel. And, the longer it takes until it becomes obvious that the new employee does not possess the right skills, the more expensive it will be.
  • The art of face reading is as old as humanity itself.
  • Through time we have lost this great skill, however, it is possible to relearn it and activate it.
  • It is possible to read in the face, whether a business partner possess the all important skills and qualities and to what degree of strength.
  • Jean-Marie Albert Bottequin possesses this gift and through his years of experience in the fields of photography and body language has developed and improved this very skill.
  • Jean-Marie Albert Bottequin can also conduct Face & Body reading at your company to help you find the right person for the job.
    He can ask the right questions to help you find quickly and reliably the right member of staff for your team.
  • Ask about our offers. Personnel photographs (top quality photography in JPG) in profile and portrait, can be sent via internet. We deal with all enquiries confidentially and quickly.